Lawn Care Aeration & Topdressing in Austin (2023)

Lawn Care Aeration & Topdressing in AustinJoshua Parkhurst2023-02-28T11:37:37-06:00

Bundle and Save $$$

Lawn Aeration & Organic Compost
Create the Wow-Factor in Austin Lawns

FACT: Great turf requiressoil renovation​.

Lawn Care Aeration & Topdressing in Austin (1)

Lawn Care Aeration & Topdressing in Austin (2)

Lawn Care Aeration & Topdressing in Austin (3)

Our Soil Needs Annual Restoration!

Austin-area lawns rest upon compacted, caliche-laden, black clay with a thin layer of sandy loam…
void of nutrients and healthy roots.​​

That’s why we have a dedicated team for adding compost.


Coupled with the necessary watering and mowing, we guarantee results with our lawn program (with 6+ applications). In fact, if you are displeased with your lawn, contact us and we will promptly return, providing unlimited free services calls between regularly scheduled visits.
We promise to continue to work until you are completely satisfied.

Lawn Care Aeration & Topdressing in Austin (5)

Liquid Lawn Aeration

Step 1) This is the superior wayfor creating pathways for water& nutrients in compacted soil.

Lawn Care Aeration & Topdressing in Austin (7)


Step 2) Infuse microbial, nutrient-rich organic matter, it’s a B12 shotfor your soil.

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Liquid Lawn Aeration in Austin

For roots that grow deep & broad…
& a yard that turns heads.

Prices Starting at $101.50…

Lawn Care Aeration & Topdressing in Austin (9)

Why Should I Aerate?

Liquid Aeration Simply Works Better!

Here are just a few reasons why:

1) Unlike mechanicalaeration, lawn preparation is not required.

  • Noneed to saturate lawns with water the night before
  • There is no need to mark or worry about damaged sprinkler heads, invisible fences or cable lines
  • No ugly dirt plugs left in yard
  • With proper watering after application, you will see noticeable results in 7-10 days
  • It’s less expensive than core aeration
  • Liquid aeration covers the entire lawn – not 20% as does with mechanical.
  • Liquid aeration penetrates much deeper and broader
  • Using “dirt chemistry” liquid aerations open thousand of pathways and keep them open for months
  • Your root system will receive significantly more air, water and nutrients than with core aeration.

Compacted soil restricts root growth. Liquid aeration, rather than core aeration, penetrates deeper & wider, creating thousands of pathways for nutrients, water & roots.​

Lawn Care Aeration & Topdressing in Austin (10)

When do I Aerate?

Ideally, apply 2X per year. Once, prior totopdressing & spring fertilization, andagain between fall & winter.

Lawn Care Aeration & Topdressing in Austin (11)

You Will See Results.

Most customers see results in aslittle as 10 days! Now your rootswill reach deeper & grow broader,essential for amazing turf.

Local Topsoil in AustinJump-Starts Turf Health

Central Texas soil is notoriously poor. It lacks nutrients with has high pH (i.e.anemic).

But…our “dirt-geeks” will fix that with organic, locally-sourced topdressing.

Prices Starting at $350…

Lawn Care Aeration & Topdressing in Austin (12)

Why Topdressing?

Topdressing is Like a B-12 Shot for Your Lawn

  • The problem in central Texas is the soil does not contain much organic matter.
  • The soil found on the raw land tends to be clay over caliche or worse caliche at the surface in some areas.
  • Topdressing interacts with your lawn in much the same way bacteria, fungi, and other microbial activity interact inside your intestine.This microbial activity in your intestine lives in harmony in a symbiotic relationship with your body. When things are not right in your intestine bad things happen.
  • The soil under the lawn lives in the exact same symbiotic relationship as your body and intestine. Top dressing actually feeds the microbial activity in the lawns root network and helps it indirectly also in a symbiotic relationship. This microbial activity must have organic matter to flourish in the soil.
  • Topdressing pumps up the level of organic matter in the soil and allows the population of microbial activity in the soil to explode very quickly.
  • Literally topdressing is like organic B-12 for your lawn.
  • Topdressing causes the root network of the lawn to get much larger and more efficient at extracting water and nutrients.
  • Organic matter stimulates the microbial activity which allows the lawn to better extract nutrients and more water from the soil. This allows the lawn to also survive with less irrigation because the root networks now has the ability to extract more water from the soil.
  • Growth rates of all types of grass will increase by top dressing. This makes it harder for weeds to invade. This is especially true in Bermuda lawns. This decreases the need for herbicides to control weed issues.

We locally source & audit our lawn topdressing. This concentrated combination of organic matter & nutrients triggers microbial activity your roots need.

Lawn Care Aeration & Topdressing in Austin (13)

When to Apply?

We apply our topdressing January through May and September through December. The rootdensity & growth of your grass willincrease noticeably!

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“Your Lawn Looks Remarkable!”

It’s what is underneath that turns lawns from good to “best on the block”. Here is what’s needed…

-Compost provides a surge of organic nutrients

-Aeration loosens compact soil

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Serving all of Greater Austin: Cedar Park, Dripping Springs, Georgetown, Hutto, Lakeway, Leander, Liberty Hill, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Westlake and more.

Lawn Care Aeration & Topdressing in Austin (14)

  • Lawn Care Aeration & Topdressing in Austin (15)
  • Lawn Care Aeration & Topdressing in Austin (16)
  • Lawn Care Aeration & Topdressing in Austin (17)
  • Lawn Care Aeration & Topdressing in Austin (18)
  • Lawn Care Aeration & Topdressing in Austin (19)

Where can I get a rebate for Topdressing?Kristen Parkhurst2022-09-15T14:10:53-06:00

Where can I get a rebate for Topdressing?

Here is a list of a few municipalities that participate. If your city is not listed, please check your local utility website.

What is Emerald Lawns topdressing composed of?Kristen Parkhurst2022-09-14T15:52:09-06:00

What is Emerald Lawns topdressing composed of?

As with all other applications Emerald Lawns chooses for improving soil health, we carefully select our topsoil based on the needs for Central Texas soil (which is compact, clay with high pH).

Lawn Care Aeration & Topdressing in Austin (20)

Cotton Burr – because it contains both macronutrients and micronutrients is a valuable ingredient for soil and turf-root restoration thereby aiding plant growth in the spring.

The burr is comprised of the cotton plant’s organic leftovers such as its seeds, stalks, and leaves which are a nutrient-dense and rich source of nitrogen for the compost. In addition to its nutrients, cotton burr contains high levels of useful microbes and bacteria which are outstanding for loosening clay soil. These properties make it a first-rate ingredient for amending the soil.

Pine Shavings – help the soil retain moisture, and will contribute to the flow of oxygen, water, and nutrients into the soil through the pores it creates. The pine is an excellent source of potassium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium, and additional minerals to restore the soil composition.

Pine Sawdust – is used to add carbon to the mix and to balance the nitrogen. In the fall your soil doesn’t require a “double-shot” of nitrogen for turf growth.

Rice Hulls– have three valuable attributes for amending the soil. They assist in water retention, aeration, and add organic matter to the soil, which are important in the fall and winter months.

Do I mow before or after service?Jennifer Trudeau2021-11-10T10:47:43-06:00

Do I mow before or after service?

Though there are no hard, fast rules to lawn care, as a general rule, the grass should be mowed before topdressing and aeration. This removes excess lawn waste and exposes the soil, which helps the fertilizer work more efficiently.

When should I see results from my lawn aeration treatment?Jennifer Trudeau2022-07-27T12:32:53-06:00

When should I see results from my lawn aeration treatment?

If you are watering and mowing correctly, as a rule of thumb, during the growing season you should see results in 2 weeks. For weed treatments (and depending on the specific weed type) you should see “curling & wilting” in about a week. It may take up to 3 weeks for weeds to die, longer in the winter, early spring, and late fall.

How do I know if I need topdressing?Jennifer Trudeau2021-02-16T13:21:12-06:00

How do I know if I need topdressing?

If your lawn is thin, dull in color, and/or subject to heat stress. Due to our thin and poor soil, topdressing is the single most effectivesolution you can do for your soil and lawn regardless of its age! We strongly recommend 1 application each year.

What does topdressing cost at Emerald Lawns?Jennifer Trudeau2021-02-16T13:24:17-06:00

What does topdressing cost at Emerald Lawns?

This will require a sales representative to measure your lawn and/or the specific area you desire to apply the topdressing!

When should I see results from my last topdressing treatment?Jennifer Trudeau2022-10-04T10:23:15-06:00

When should I see results from my last topdressing treatment?

If you combined liquid aeration and topdressing, you will notice results faster and that last longer. When the temperatures warm up you will notice your lawn to be more vibrant. The key to remember – with topdressing, you are improving your soil’s composition which improves with an annual application.

When is the best time to apply topdressing to my lawn?Jennifer Trudeau2021-02-16T14:35:39-06:00

When is the best time to apply topdressing to my lawn?

There are 2 primary windows for optimum results! The 1st is January – May and the 2nd is late September – December.

Do I need to aerate my lawn if I get topdressing?Jennifer Trudeau2021-02-16T14:39:12-06:00

Do I need to aerate my lawn if I get topdressing?

We strongly encourage liquid aeration and topdressing! Liquid aeration opens up pores, creating pathways that run deep and broad for the nutrients to flow down to. Your roots will “chase” those nutrients thereby making your root system deep and dense. This in turn produces thick healthy turf!

How can I prevent drought stress?Jennifer Trudeau2022-09-15T14:11:47-06:00

How can I prevent drought stress?

In dry Texas weather, preventing drought stress can be a challenge.

Here are steps to help prevent drought stress in your lawn!

1. Use the Cycle & Soak Watering Method. Water your lawn in three or four shorter cycles until you’ve reached 1″ of water. Shorter cycles allow the water to soak into the soil a little at a time, avoiding a runoff. Not only will you incrementally increase the depth of the water’s reach, but you’ll also promote deeper roots and healthier plants.

2. Maintain proper seasonal mowing heights. Protect your lawn from drought stress by cutting no more than 1/3 of the leaf blade when mowing.

3. Utilize Water Retention Applications (surfactants) & Optimized Irrigation Systems. Our team can ensure that your lawn water is being retained and isn’t wasted via excess evaporation or runoff.

4. Grass Cycle – Keep the grass clippings, don’t bag them. The clippings have water in them as well as nutrients that are vital for your drought-stressed lawn. Return them to the soil. Your lawn will look like it needs to be raked. Don’t worry! The grass blades will quickly fall between the standing grass blades and disappear from sight.

These articles may be helpful as well:

Ways to Avoid Drought Stress

Water Retention Applications

What type of soil is in Central Texas?Jennifer Trudeau2022-09-15T16:01:59-06:00

What type of soil is in Central Texas?

Central Texas soil is thin, full of clay, and on a layer of Limestone.

As many of our customers can attest, it takes some intentionality and extra love to get a gorgeous lawn (especially one worthy of the “lawn of year” title).

During your home’s construction, the yard is stripped of any soil, compacted due to the build, and then topped with a thin layer of soil and a patch of grass. You are then left with shallow, compacted, and hard soil.

Compaction from construction and Limestone are the leading causes of poor soil in Central Texas.

For more info, read this blog

Or, check out this video with our owner, Luke Hawthorne

Call us today at 512-990-2199 or click to contact us for a free quote!

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